Spatial Analysis & GIS

Evolution Maps uses scientific spatial analysis techniques in combination with state-of-the-art GIS technologies which will help you reach larger profit margins while minimizing cost.

Based on various data sources and scientific analysis approaches, Evolution Maps helps you make crucial business decision such as:

Where should we target new customers?

Where should I distribute my marketing material?

Where do my potential customers live?

Where is the highest market potential?

Where are our products most trendy?

Where should I open up a new site or facility?

Evolution Maps Heatmap

A heatmap helps to pinpoint new customer/clients and use monetary resources most effectively

Evolution Maps Spatial Analysis

When census and other types of demographic data are illustrated through maps many spatial questions are answered

Evolution Maps Heatmap

As data layers are stacked, decision-makers are afforded valuable direction with intelligent scientific models

Product Hunter

The Product Hunter allows your customers to find your general line and specific products at points of purchase closest to their location. Your map will be customized with colors and icons to enhance and promote company branding. The Product Hunter has mobile and desktop versions and may be easily integrated into your website and digital promotion options such as social media.