A Scientific Approach

Evolution Maps uses scientific models and analysis techniques based on various data sources to help you make the best decisions such as where to target new customers or where to allocate your resources.

Data Mining

Evolution Maps gathers samples of demographic data various sources such as surveys or social media and examines multiple demographic variables.

Evolution Maps Demographic Variables

Based on those samples, Evolution Maps generates the optimum demographic profile for a certain target group.

Evolution Maps Demographic Analysis

Models + Implementation

Evolution Maps then uses algorithmic and heuristic models to match the optimum demographic profile with the predominant demographic data of each region.

Evolution Maps Customer Analysis

Our models incorporate multiple data variables to approximate various quantities per region such as the total number of potential customers per region or the sales potential of each region.

Micro Level Analysis

Evolution Maps conducts micro level analysis, where we look at smaller geographical areas such as census blocks or single sites. Especially for site selection scenarios, this approach is very powerful.

Evolution Maps Buffer Analysis

Evolution Maps analyzes all relevant criteria such as competition, traffic volume, consumer spending or population density.

Evolution Maps Site Selection