Our Mission

The mission of Evolution Maps is to develop and provide high quality, cutting-edge GIS tools and services to our partnering organizations, governments and businesses at low prices. This mission affords scientifically intelligent decision making abilities to help plan in the most efficient and effective manner, increasing productivity and revenue. Our method results in GIS innovations, low-cost planning with highly effective results.
Evolution Maps serves:
- Non-profits who need to better understand their donors and present their work
- Local government entities which strive on becoming more efficient with their budgets
- Small to mid-sized businesses who need to realize larger profit margins
Our pricing strategy makes our services extremely affordable when considering how much would be spent of full-time GIS staff and developer positions.

Our Team

Evolution Maps consists of three passionate GIS professionals from three different continents: North America, Europe and Asia. We have all excelled in our academic backgrounds and professional careers. Our unified goal is to push mapping technology to its limits while utilizing those technologies to better our world’s economies, societies and natural environment.
If you are interested in joining our diverse and energetic team, please send your resume to evolutionmaps@gmail.com

Contact Us

Evolution Maps CEO Trevor Stine

Trevor Stine

CEO & Co-Founder
Trevor has over seven years experience as a GIS professional. He was the GIS specialist for the San Diego East County Economic Development Council and also performed private GIS consulting for the Office of Binational Border Health (OBBH) in San Diego for several years. Trevor also teaches World Regional Geography, Advanced Sociology: Urban Studies and Research Methods at NewSchool of Architecture + Design in San Diego and founded the non-profit organization, Pangea Proxima, with a mission to alleviate global poverty while promoting sustainability. He helped build value in CSID, an anti-identity theft company, by authoring patents concerning biometric data and anti-theft inventions and developed an identity theft risk propensity scoring system utilized by AT&T, (4th largest non-oil company in the US) and AVG Antivirus (110 million subscribers). CSID was sold to Experian in 2016 for $360 million.
Evolution Maps CTO Helmut Brueckler

Helmut Brückler

CTO & Co-Founder
Helmut worked as a self-employed GIS professional consultant in Vienna, Austria for five years. He received his BS degree in Geomatics Engineering via a joint study from Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria) and San Diego State University (USA). He holds a Master degree from the Vienna University of Technology majoring in Geomatics Engineering and Geodesy. His major professional activities include database modelling, mobile apps, web applications, spatial business analysis and social media data analysis. Helmut also works as an international consultant on projects aiming to solve global problems.
Evolution Maps Lead Developer Qingyu Ma

Qingyu Ma

GIS Application Developer & Business Partner
Qingyu graduated as a GIS master degree from University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA, US) and received his BS degree in Tongji University (Shanghai, China). Now he is studying as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography at the Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on space syntax, including disciplines such as Architecture, City Planning and GIS. His major capabilities in our company include database schema design, web application development, spatial analysis and social media data analysis. He is also good at playing piano and now he is learning electric guitar.